Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bellport Garden Tour

Today my art group took part in another garden tour, this time in Bellport. I was in charge of organizing the artists but I had no idea what any of the gardens looked like. I rode around the area to see the homes on Tuesday but all you could see of any of them was the driveway. lol So the properties were a surprise.

I painted in a garden with my friend, Marlene. It was a huge property with a lovely house and pool. I decided to focus on the flowers around the pool fence. Here is the view I was doing with my painting in front.

And a larger view of the painting. It isn't quite this blue but I don't have it to take another photo because the homeowner bought it. Yay!!!

Here I am in action at my easel.

Marlene was painting a settee on the porch with the owner's dog sitting on it. 
I have to tell you this was right up Marlene's alley since she often does pet portraits.
Here is Marlene at work. Marlene sold her painting too. 

When I finished my painting I took a tour of a few of the other gardens that were nearby.
I wanted some photos of the other artists for the PALS Plein Air blog.

Here is Liz.

Liz was at a lovely garden with a view like this.

Susan BG was painting a small building on the side of the garden she was working in.

Susan T and Laurie were at the same painting in the front and one in the back.
Here's Susan in the hot sun.

And Laurie in the shade.

Gina was at another lovely garden.

I missed getting photos of the other artists. They must have been touring the gardens when I came by.
It was a perfect day for painting!

My friend Susan sent me this photo from today.


  1. I'm not surprised that the owner bought yours, Joan! How lovely! What a great day to be painting that garden.

  2. You are becoming quite a master at painting gardens Joan! It's not surprise the owner bought it.

  3. Wonderful colourful painting and boy did you all look like you were having fun

  4. Congratulations on the sale, Joan. You are a wonderful plein aire artist! Your garden view came out beautiful!

  5. Thanks Tina, David, Polly, and Sherry. It was a perfect day...not too hot, lots of people, good music playing, and chocolate chip cookies on the porch. lol

  6. Ooh how I love your garden scenes! I hope I will be able to capture flowers and gardens even half as beautifully as you do Joan when I try my hand at it next month! Great photos of everyone! All the gardens look so pretty and lush. So tell me what is the deal with all the gardens being available for viewing? Do different towns take it in turn?
    Just wondering too Joan - do you draw these garden scenes in pencil first or do you just start painting?

  7. Joan - your garden painting was awesome and so glad you sold it too. Loved seeing you and all your sketching friends as they worked. All of you certainly deserve a loud round of applause for working outside no matter what the weather. Although this day looked wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wendy, thank you. I belong to a group that goes out a lot to gardens. Most are public gardens, but the two towns that did the garden tours are all private gardens. The garden clubs in each of those towns contacted us and asked us if we would be interested in painting during the tours. They do the tours every other year. It is the second time we participated in the tours.

    If I am doing a garden with a lot of flowers I do a rough sketch of the different areas of flowers and like in this one the shape and design of the fence and the umbrella. I usually work in pencil first.

    1. Thanks Joan! How wonderful that the garden clubs invite you to paint!
      Thanks for giving me an insight into how you approach your garden scenes!

  9. Thanks so much, Debbie. It was just the perfect day to be out painting...sunny but not hot or humid. We were really lucky for both garden tours because they were being held rain or shine.

    Thank you, Carol!

  10. Saw your beautiful painting on Facebook. It looks like you had a great day! I love to paint gardens, the hardest part is picking an area to paint!

  11. How fun to go paint somewhere lovely like this and sell the painting. We did some garden tours around here recently and it was fun to see the plein air artists out painting at the gardens. One gal said it was tiring work. I hear her. thanks for showing the other gals working too. I went thru looking at what I missed. my dashboard blogger list was lost for awhile so I missed a lot being posted. it magically showed up today. Thank goodness.