Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sayville Garden Tour

My plein air group, PALS, was invited to participate in the Sayville Garden Tour that took place today. We previously did quick pen and pencil sketches for their brochure, but today was the actual tour. People picked up their tickets at the Gillette House in Sayville where we had a show hanging of mostly floral themed paintings.

There were 6 gardens in the tour and artists were assigned for morning sessions or afternoon sessions at the different gardens. I chose to do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

From 11 -1 o'clock I was at a garden on Sunrise Avenue in Sayville. When I was there originally I sketched a cherub near the pergola that goes to the koi pond. 

Today I focused on the pergola itself with the view through to the tree and the koi pond. If you look closely you can see the cherub on the left.  Why did I select that view? I just loved the pergola with the pink flowers on top and winding through it. 
Here is the view I saw.

And here is my painting (8 x 10) which was purchased by the homeowners. Yay!!!

Another artist, my friend Jean, was painting at the other end of the garden.

While we were painting we were serenaded by musicians playing on the patio.

At 1 o'clock I moved to the second garden on Seville Blvd. When I was there the last time I sketched the fish water feature by the pond in the yard.

Today I never got past the front view of the house which I think was just lovely. There were beds of flowers, unusual trees in greens and reds and a great house with great windows.

Since I got a bit of a late start here I decided to only do a 5 x 7 painting, but I was very happy with the way  it came out. Here I am at work in front of the house.

The owners both loved it but didn't offer to buy it. 
They already had a painting from one of the artists who painted there in the morning.

I did go around the back of the house when I finished painting and found my friend, Muriel painting in the back garden by the musicians.

It was a really nice day at lovely locations!


  1. Sounds like a great time Joan. Congrats on the sale, I can see why they bought it, excellent painting!

  2. Both of your paintings came out great! Congrats on selling one already! Looks like it was a really lovely day for plein air!

  3. P.S. I love seeing your plein air setup, too. . . such a cool outdoor studio. It's fun to see how everyone makes art.

  4. What a fabulous day you will have had and nice to see you in action. Congrats on the sale too.

  5. What a great post Joan! I so love seeing your outing blow-by-blow. It's great to see all the different views and your various paintings - all gorgeous! You look so happy and it's no surprise as it looks like a beautiful sunny day in a stunning setting with people of like mind. You are really whetting my appetite to try my hand at sketching while visiting places of interest!

  6. It sounds a wonderful day and your paintings are just as wonderful! By the way, you have an awesome smile!

  7. Congrats on the sale! Both paintings are lovely and it sounds like you had a fun day.

  8. Great work Joan, I really like the ink drawings, I think you've done a fantastic job on those and you've injected a real charm into them. I also love the Avalon Park picture in your previous post. The way you've used the trees to frame the building is clever and works really well. Top stuff!

  9. Thanks David. It is always a nice tour.

    Tina, thanks. I used my easel for part of the day but when I sat under my umbrella on my beach chair it was easier to just hold it on my lap.

    Polly - Thank you so much.

    Wendy - Thanks. It was fun because everyone was so interested in flowers. We even had a show setup where the tickets to the tour were sold. A few of those paintings sold too.

    Sherry - Thank you!

    Mickey - Thanks. I sold a small painting and some note cards too.

    Kevin - Thanks. Each of the gardens had charming little corners to sketch.

  10. My goodness Joan - both paintings are lovely and I so enjoyed seeing too your basic pen and ink drawings. Your work is always outstanding. I would have been drawn to that pergola and the house too. Just so glad you had success in selling your art and enjoying the day as well. Have a great week.

  11. It doesn't get better than this Joan! Beautiful place, your paintings came out wonderful and even a serenade.

  12. What fun!! Plein air, sunshine, friends and music! Oh, and sales, too! Can't beat that. Beautiful work, Joan.