Friday, April 12, 2013

Suffolk County Farm Sketches

I made a trip to the Suffolk County Farm the other day. It is a good time of year to go because many baby animals are born around now.

First I sketched the cows who usually stay put while they are eating, but once they are finished have no loyalty to the artist sketching them. lol

Next I went over to sketch the sheep who were all clustered together by the shed. There was one baby included in the group.

The peacock had his feathers spread when I sat down, but that didn't last for long. Most of the feathers I had to do by memory.

Inside there were some baby goats that were just one day old. Mama goat was ignoring them for the most part, until I almost finished the sketch. Then she decided it was feeding time.

April 12 - Savannah, GA


  1. Wow! Sounds like a perfect sketching day, Joan. Love them all! Wonderful job on Savannah!!

  2. I'm really getting hooked on your journey. Be sorry when you get back home!

  3. Hilda - Thank you!

    Polly - Thanks. Then I'm off on a real journey to Ireland.

  4. LOVE your farm sketches! Wish I had easy access to farm animals I could sketch!

  5. Hah! Now I want to visit Savannah! I always love your blog, Joan. Always some wonderful watercolors to enjoy!

  6. Joan!
    Great work!
    You are one of the hardest working artists I know!
    I cannot keep up with all your wonderful posts!
    I love all the animal paintings!
    Keep on painting for all to enjoy!

  7. Tina - This is a tiny place but you can get up and personal. Thanksl.

    Sherry - Thank you!

    Michael - Thanks so much!