Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sketching in Union Square Park

My sister and I went into the city yesterday to see the AWS Show at the Salmagundi Club on Fifth Avenue. If you get a chance to it! It is a wonderful art show.

I drove to her house in NJ and we took the train into the city. We were there early enough to have lunch and then do a few sketches from Union Square Park before we went to the show. I would have loved to do some sketches of the flower vendors but it was much too crowded over there. I wouldn't have been able to sketch without people knocking into me. So we walked around the other side of the park. I stood to do these two views looking out from the park.

We went back on the PATH train to Hoboken and had nearly an hour before our train was leaving. I never let time like that go to waste. I sketched the doors going out of the waiting area. (The rest of the waiting area was under reconstruction.)

Next comes the update on my "fake" blog.
April 7 - Assateague Island.


  1. I had a great time in NYC with you, Joan. I enjoyed lunch, and sketching, and especially the show. I had a lot of favorites.

    Your NY sketches are terrific as always. Love the little pony in your fake blog.

  2. I always love your sketches of the City. Still haven't made it to Salmagundi to see the show, but I plan to go.

  3. These are great Joan. I always love how you manage to simplify a scene and then get stuck in. I look and look and then get too daunted. I need to train my eye better.

  4. Oh what a fabulous day you, real and fake!! I'd love to see those wild ponies! Hope they always stay safe too. Love that unusual looking building in the second piece.

  5. Thanks, Mickey! It was a fun day in the city. Hope you weren't too exhausted.

    Carol - Thanks. Definitely go!!!

    Laura - Thank you. Sometimes I look at a scene (especially in NYC) and say how the heck can I do that???

    Sherry - Thanks. Right now they seem to be doing a really good job culling the herds so they don't overpopulate the island. I would love to go there and actually see them.

  6. Joan - how wonderful to spend time with your sister and taking in an art show together must be so much fun. The island with the wild ponies looks great. This road trip is certainly taking in a lot of things I love to see and do. Enjoy the day.