Thursday, April 11, 2013


On Tuesday evening I joined the Wet Paints group for their sketch night.
Beverly was our model. I did one watercolor of her and then a small pencil sketch.

April 11 - Charleston, SC


  1. Your fake journal is bringing back fond memories of a trip to Charleston a few years ago!

  2. Do not like shrimp at all! But that lovely flowering branch is just so pretty! Beverly looks a beauty too.

  3. These are so beautifully done, Joan! I had to reread that this was your fake journal ...especially since you painted RAleigh -- !!! Truly, if you are ever in NC in that area, call me -- you have a place to stay!!! FOR REAL!

  4. Tina - Thanks. I like Charleston too.

    Sherry - Thanks so much.

    Lin - Thank you. The trip to Raleigh was fiction. Many of the other places I have actually visited.