Friday, November 23, 2012

Window Shopping

Well I survived all the Thanksgiving food although the pecan pie nearly did me in. Now I'll have to exercise to wear off some of those calories.
On Tuesday my plein air group (PALS) met in Sayville to paint the town. I focused on the store window at Debra Canavan Classics on Main Street. This is 5 x 7.


  1. Very nice Joan. You manage to get a lot of detail into a small painting, very good.

  2. this is beautiful, Joan. Lots of details and love the colors!

  3. Lovely unusual venue to paint Joan. Hope you weren't tempted to spend too. Super painting.

  4. Great job on the window glass. The store front is lovely and I love the attached planters! Gives this piece a wonderful small town feel.

  5. Ann - Thanks so much.

    Hilda - Thank you.

    Laura - Lately I'm just a painter not a shopper. lol Thanks.

    Sherry - Thanks. The woman working inside told us not to paint it yet that the window wasn't finshed. lol

  6. THIs is so AWESOMELY DONE!!!! LOVE the holiday wrapping of it!