Saturday, November 3, 2012

Finally Back

Hurricane Sandy sent me a bit off course for the last few days. Long Island was severely affected by the storm, but luckily my immediate area had no flooding or damage. We did lose power for a day and still don't have cable service. But we are so lucky compared to many here who lost their homes or suffered damage, or are still without power and heat in their home. My thoughts are with them all. The face of Long Island has changed dramatically in some spots.
Right before the storm arrived I did get to finally meet an internet friend for the first time. Lin Frye (Her work is under the links on the right, if you want to see her wonderful work.) was up visiting family and taking a watercolor class with Jean Haines on Long Island. She gave me a call and we went to a demo that her instructor was doing in Dix Hills. It was so much fun to meet Lin after many years of following each other on WetCanvas and our blogs. Unfortunately or fortunately Lin got stuck here as the storm roared through and spent several extra days at her sister's house waiting to get a flight back home to North Carolina. I'm still not sure if she left as scheduled today. The good thing was that I got to go over an visit her again while she was here, which I wouldn't have been able to do if she left as originally scheduled. It is always fun to meet people I've followed. Thanks Lin for sharing all your art information and allowing me to share some of your time!
"Longwood Estate" was painted before the storm when I went out with my plein air group. The storm has knocked down a great number of trees here on Long Island, so I am afraid that the next time I visit this spot it may be changed.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful painting. Nice to get together with Lin. And, of course we are happy to see you posting again! :)

  2. Hi JOan from North CArolina!~!!!! I am finally back home - had several plane delays TODAY!! LOL But got home and am just catching up! It was an utter JOY to meet you and Susan, and the time we spent just chatting was stupendous!! BTW, THANK YOU again for the cookies .. they sustained us during that bit of a power outage we had when the drunk driver took out the power pole by my sisters! We finally got power -re-restored late last night.

    Thank you again too, for my fabulous painting by you!!! I LOVE it -- and your work -- and you! What a beauty you have here too, Joan .. NEXT time I am in NY I am hiding out for a while so we can paint together!! PRomisE!!! LOL

    I will be updating my blog in the morning and will resume proper commenting and chatting once I recover from the trip, the lack of sleep, and the stress. I am so sorry for everyone adjusting to the power outages, shortages, and life-altering events of the past week .. and know that the 'fall out' and adjustments to be made as things get cleaned up, repaired, replaced, and re-normalized will take quite a while. Having gone through Hurricanes Agnes, Hugo, Denis and Fran, my heart goes out once more to all those so badly affected by Sandy.

    Will see you on line -- but oh what fun it was to finally meet you and Susan - to SPEAK to you in person -- to see your incredible artwork -- in person -- to just have the luxury of chatting and sharing and becoming better friends.

    BIGGEST HUGS!!!! And remember, we do have a nice guestroom ... and you're always welcome!

  3. Great to hear you are fine Joan. Fab painting. I really like both Lin's and Jean's artwork and already follow them both.

  4. I'm so relieved to hear you are well! I have been thinking of you and others I know on the east coast. What an ordeal!

  5. This is one big old and beautiful farm house, Joan. I do hope and pray that things are righted immediately out there. I know the cold temps are heading in too and that will just add to the problems. My heart goes out to all of you.

  6. Jo - Thanks. Some day I'm going to get down there and meet you too.

    Lin - Thanks so much! It was great to meet you. The storm was good for one thing...I got to visit with you a second time. Glad you are home safely.

    Laura - Thanks. They both do great work.

    Tina - I am blessed to have really had no problems that weren't/aren't just minor inconveniences. My heart breaks for all of those who have lost so much and endured so much.

    Sherry - Thanks. It will be a long haul for many, many people.