Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Bridge

This is a bridge on Sunrise Highway in Brookhaven that goes across the Carmans River. I left out the traffic on the road, but I like the view. This is about 4 x 6.


  1. Dear Joan,
    My heart goes out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy! Your paintings are an important addition to the recovery effort. I think your work is a great example of how art can help.
    The last two paintings are wonderful works of art and will be historic reminders of this tragic historic storm.
    Thank you for documenting all for the rest of us.
    Take care.

  2. I like the view too!!! FABULOUS JOB, Joan! Warm here - in the low 70s ... how did you do in the snow?

  3. What a neat little bridge. I like how I can see some of the support beneath the water too. A gorgeous piece, Joan!

  4. I echo what Michael said above. Sometimes art does document events in history and your lovely pieces are doing just that and beautifully too.

  5. Michael and Laura - Thanks. Sometimes I felt a little "ghoulish" sketching the remains from the disasters.

    Lin - We did OK...lots of slush. Thank you.

    Sherry - Glad you like it.