Monday, November 26, 2012

Sayville Christmas

Yesterday I headed into Sayville to sketch. They lit their Christmas tree on Saturday so it looked so festive on the corner. This is the same corner I painted with the Veteran's Day ceremony. Too bad I missed the crowd of people this time. I was lucky to find a parking spot in the lot right across the street so I was able to sit in the car and sketch. It was much too windy and cold out for me.


  1. Dear Joan - looks like your sketch caught the magic of those first signs of the season. Thanks for sharing and getting me inspired for Christmas.

  2. What a great corner that must be!
    Now I am wondering what it is like on other days!
    Love the tree and the cars!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh I do so love small towns. Sayville is gorgeous through your eyes, Joan.

  4. SO beautiful, Joan!! this would make such a wonderful Christmas card, especially with the Flag standing there so proud! Wonderful piece!!

  5. Great little creature sketches and a lovely festive one here. You are brave to venture out in the cold even if you are painting in the car.

  6. Debbie - Thanks. I was surprised they had the tree up so early.

    Michael - Everything happens on that corner. lol Thanks.

    Sherry - I love small towns too. Thanks!

    Hilda - If I didn't already have a card made this would work. Thank you.

    Laura - I'm good most of the winter sitting in my car and sketching. Thanks so much!