Monday, November 5, 2012

Tree Trimmin'

I couldn't do the LIPA crews and leave out all the tree trimmers that made it possible for LIPA to do their job. On my way home yesterday I came across this crew hard at work. By the time they were done there was nothing left of the tree at all.


  1. Joan,
    Your latest watercolors are fantastic. Great homage to the men and women who do so much good for us in times of great danger.
    I am so glad you are okay.
    My thoughts, prayers, and support are with you and everyone else on the East Coast. Especially NYC and New Jersey.
    Hang in there.

  2. I hope they are only cutting down the broken trees and not the good ones! So many people to do the various and oh so necessary jobs of the aftermath clean up. So glad you are painting them and appreciating them, Joan.

  3. Michael - Thanks for your concern. Things are slowly improving here.

    Sherry - Thanks. They are cutting down anything that is touching the power lines. I'm sure we are losing some that could be kept.