Friday, October 22, 2021

Inktober Day 19 & Random Food Sketches

 I'm still practicing using the Chinese ink and my twigs to do sketches. Inktober Day 19 was done down by Sayville Beach looking from the parking lot.

These food sketches were done at assorted times for the WetCanvas Scavenger Hunts. I hope they don't make you too hungry. The top one is octopus salad and the bottom one is half of my hubby's crab leg sandwich.


  1. I think you've channeled KK's style so well, your Chinese ink and twig series looks great! And yeah, the seafood sketches are wonderful!

  2. Love the twig sketch Joan. It is amazing how you can make those twigs capture even the electric wires. Since I have never ate octopus before or even seen it served (living in the midwest - beef and chicken are the mainstays) so fun to see your sketch of the salad and your hubby's crab leg sandwich. Perhaps if I ever get to the ocean again will need to find a restaurant that serves these delicacies! Hope you have a delightful weekend. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for the Missionaries. Hugs!

  3. Love the twiggy sketch. I ate octopus once .. tasted, a friend brought it raw to a pot-luck. I like squid so maybe I could do the salad. Good sketch. The sandwich looks and sounds yummy.