Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Inktober Days 4 & 5

For my Inktober Day 5 sketch I used my Lamy Safari with Noodler's Brown Ink. To me the color looks more like sepia than brow.  The ink is water-soluble so you can get some nice shading. My model was a rooster fountain in front of Bello Poultry Market in Holbrook. I've sketched the rooster before but they seem to have spruced up the entrance to the market.

Today's Inktober sketch was done with my PALS Plein Air group. We met down at Corey Beach in Blue Point on a damp, chilly morning. All of us were bundled up in fleece jackets or heavy sweatshirts. I didn't think I was going to last for too long so I didn't work on actual watercolor paper (mistake) but on sketch paper. First I sketched it with my Micron black pen...but you know how I love color so I added it after I took a photo of the ink only version.



  1. I can see how you're a terrific watercolorist! Glad to see the process and transformation into such a lovely scene.

  2. Your ink drawings are great but the color makes the umbrellas sing! The sepia rooster fountain is a great find of something different to sketch.

    1. I always have a hard time resisting adding color to the sketches. lol If I can make the ink bleed a little I'm happier.