Thursday, October 7, 2021

Inktober Day 7

 I have a floral arrangement that has been sitting in front of me for days. Usually I have good intentions and plan to sketch it...but often by the time I get around to it the flowers are past their prime. Today I used a Zebra Sensations fountain pen to sketch the arrangement for Inktober, and I resisted adding any color. 

A while ago a representative of Zebra sent me a variety of their pens to try and asked me to let her know my thoughts about how practical they would be in my outdoor sketching. I'm sure I tried one of the fountain pens at the time but I don't remember what I told her about that specific pen. The ones that I have are in a package of 7 assorted colors. The ink seems to be permanent and flows very nicely. I don't usually use colored ink when I'm sketching, especially the 2 red/pinks or the green colors. 


  1. I like how you did the water and stems. This is lovely.

    1. It was fun to try a pen I hadn't used before. Thanks!

  2. Joan such a lovely sketch. Wonderful job with the bouquet. Looks like this pen does an excellent job.