Wednesday, October 2, 2013

View into the Garden

Last week I went with three friends for an art day heading west of here.
First we shopped for art supplies at the Dick Blick Store in Nassau County.
Then we headed over to Old Westbury Gardens to paint. We were lucky and got free passes for all of us through the library here.  There is a wonderful walled garden in the middle of the grounds.
I've painted inside of it before but this time I painted it from the outside looking in.
This is 8 x 10.

Sue and Dot were at the other end of the garden busy working by the waterlily pond.

The others weren't finished yet so I had time to do a very quick ATC of a waterlily.


  1. Such a beautiful place to paint... A gorgeous watercolor, Joan.!!

  2. Wonderful! I love how you do your trees and flowers. I am so jealous.. you got to go to a Dick Blick store..All we have here is a little Micheal's store which carries very limited art supplies. :)

  3. Nice sketches! My sketcher friends and I always like to combine art supply shopping trips with sketching when we can! :-)

  4. Oh what an exquisite painting, Joan! You must be so proud of it and I hope you frame it up beautifully. It is just the sort of piece that would keep pulling my eyes were it on my own wall.

  5. Hilda - Thank you.

    Chris - We are lucky to have a place to get art supplies. I make sure I stop there whenever I am in that neighborhood. Thanks.

    Tina - I can happily combine both. lol Thank you.

    Sherry - Thank you. I was happy with the way it came out.

  6. Joan a really lovely painting and so much detail at only 8 x 10.

  7. I loved the walled garden painting the first time I saw it on FB. I still do. :-)