Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Along the Water and Good News

On Wednesday I went out painting with three friends. We headed to Short Beach only to find that it was being dredged. With all the flooding from last year's hurricane, the sand shifted blocking the water from flowing easily and the water would really back up at high tide flooding the road and parking lot.

So we went in search of an alternate painting site. This was somewhere near Smithtown
again along the waterfront. (8 x 10)

This weekend one of my art groups, the Wet Paints Studio Group that meets in Sayville had our members show. I received 2nd place in watercolors for my painting "Au Beau Maitin a' Paris."
It is a painting I did of the apartment building that was across from us when we went to Paris.


  1. Congrats, Joan! I love the painting from Smithtown! You're so good at evoking the mood of a place.

  2. Congratulations Joan on your award.Your Autumn colours are beautiful

  3. Hello Joan! I came to see you and your works too! I will reed your blog later on. Congratulations for the price in the show:) I love the portrait just behind you, for example!

  4. Congratulations, Joan! It looks awesome framed too! Love the Smithtown landscape too.

  5. Thanks Tina, Lorranine, Sirkka, Polly, and Sherry!

    Sirkka, I can't take credit for the portrait. That was done by another artist in the show. The one of the lavender field and the Paris building are both mine.

  6. Hi Joan,
    Congrats on your award, well deserved. Had a problem with facebook and I deleted you, I now have it resolved it you would be so kind to accept my friendship on fb. lol. Finally learned how to copy and paste. Don't know what is going on with fb, some people say it is a hoax. Anyway, we are going to the Oakdale arboretum to paint tomorrow if you would like to join us.
    Take care.

  7. Congratulations Joan on your well deserved. I love the painting you did in Smithtown by the waterfront...!!!

  8. Joan - Thanks!!! Hope to see you soon.

    Hilda - Thank you so much!