Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travels in Maine

My sister, Mickey and I took a ride up to Maine to visit my sister, Tina and her family.
Of course my paints came along on the trip. This morning we went walking for exercise.
I brought along my camera because I knew I wanted to take some photos of the decorated 
pumpkins along the street that are still on display from the Pumpkinfest two weeks ago. The pumpkins each weigh between 200-500 pounds.
I'll show you a few.

Does this one make you want a burger and fries? lol

Or a swim in the ocean?

This one looks like he needs to eat a little more.

And here's a public service announcement.

Later in the morning I went out for a while to paint in town.
This is Nash House just down from the only traffic light in town.
It has several businesses inside.
The red tree was just calling to be painted and this is 5 x 7.
By the time I was finished I was wearing my fingerless gloves and shaking.
The temperature up here is a bit on the cold side.

After lunch Mickey and I rode down to Pemaquid all-time favorite spot in this area. It is not a trip to Maine without seeing the Pemaquid Lighthouse. It was cold and windy down there so I was wearing a sweater, a winter jacket, and a very heavy sweatshirt with a hood over everything.
I guess I was warm enough for a while because I painted without wearing my gloves.

Here I am on the rocks where I sat to paint.

Here is the painting in my sketchbook...about 5 x 7.

Mickey was bundled up too.

For our next sketch location we headed over to Colonial Pemaquid and did a view of the water while sitting in the warm car.


  1. Great photos and sketches, I am in awe at how much you get out and about and the quality of your sketching

  2. What a wonderful trip with your sisters! Love those hilarious pumpkins! And your lovely lighthouse painting. Brrr... I'm already keeping my fingerless gloves in my car... winter is near!

  3. I can't believe the pumpkins, I didn't realize they were until I read your post. Glad to hear about your fun visit which includes time for watercolor painting. You are amazing!

  4. Oh I do so love the lighthouse piece and your location for painting too. Looks like it was a little windy too? Thank you for sharing the pumpkins. I love how creative people can be!!

  5. Great sketches Joan!! The lighthouse is my particular favourite. Great treatment on the foreground rocks and the vantage point, from low down, adds that little bit of drama.

  6. Joan - this post is so wonderful-I enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins and then the house you painted with the red tree looks so inviting...such a pleasure to see you with the lighthouse and to see your sister as well. Looks like you ladies had such fun. Can I come too?? :)!! Have a beautiful week-end.

  7. I don't think I have ever seen such large pumpkins. Great sketch of the lighthouse. I find it interesting that you capture the moment as you see it with the roof tops on the left included. You do not tidy up the composition to make it look staged or forced. Your paintings have a natural 'in the moment' feel about them. :-)

  8. Lorraine - Thank you.

    Tina - The pumpkins were really funny and I only showed a few. Thanks.

    Celia - Some of them don't even look like pumpkins, and have scenes around the entire thing.

    Sherry - It was very windy at the lighthouse. Luckily I paint fairly fast because we didn't last outside for very long. Thanks.

    Debbie - It has been a lot of fun! Thanks.

    Laura - I never saw such big pumpkins until we were up here for Pumpkinfest the last time. Thanks so much.