Saturday, October 19, 2013

41st World Wide SketchCrawl in NYC

Today was the 41st World Wide SketchCrawl. I met up with the NYC Urban Sketchers starting at Belvedere Castle in Central Park. We had a fair turnout of locals as well as a group of high school art students who were in NYC with their teacher for a field trip and an Aussie from Perth who happened to be in the park sketching right near us.

This is Belvedere Castle which sits on one of the highest hills in Central Park.

And my sketch of it.

Julie was sketching right near me.

Next I moved a little higher and met up with some of the other sketchers.
Here is Carol with her sketch of the view down from the observation deck.

Here is my sketch looking down and the actual view I painted.

Here's a closer look at my sketch.

Our next location was down on the lawn looking up at the castle.

I also sketched Parker sketching people in the group.
The rocks made a handy seat.

People were sitting on the rocks near him.

Here are photos of the group while they were working.

Before we went to lunch we shared some of our work and information.

After a delicious lunch at Carmine's on Broadway, Susan, Mark, Mia, and I 
returned to the perimeter of the park to continue sketching.

Here are Mark and Mia at work.

We all sketched St. Urban an apartment building at 285 Central Park West.
I did just the top of the building.

I also did part of the Dwight School that was across from us.

Here is Mia with her sketch of the building.

On the way back to the parking garage Susan and I stopped for coffee at Starbucks.
Of course we sketched! I had the back of a model seated by the window.

Our sketchcrawl lasted about 12 hours including travel. It was a long day!


  1. What a great sketchcrawl! Love your sketches, especially Belvedere Castle.

  2. Great post and what fun. Didn't know there was a castle in New York

  3. Long day but you took away so much from it! Loved seeing all your beautiful sketches, Joan. What interesting places you all found to sketch too!

  4. Hi Joan, It was a great day, wasn't it. Your sketches look great and it was so much fun to see you and Susan yesterday. Can't wait to do it again soon!

  5. It looks like a long but wonderful day, Joan.... I love all of your sketches..!!

  6. Great Israel sketches in the last post, I've really enjoyed them!! This day out of yours was a marathon!! All lovely sketches, especially the castle views. Good to see those Autumn colours creeping in!! Wonderful work!!

  7. Tina - Thanks. It was exhausting! lol

    Polly - I don't think it was ever used as a castle. Right now it is a meteorological center in the park.

    Sherry - It was a lot of fun. Thanks.

    Carol - It is a fun group. I'm glad you got to stay a little longer this time. You always seem to be running off someplace.

    Hilda - Thanks so much.

    Kevin - Yes it was a marathon! We really had a good day. Thanks.