Saturday, November 3, 2018

Train Passengers

Today I went into the city on the Long Island Railroad to meet up with the NYC Urban Sketchers. On the way in I had a great view of these 3 ladies. From what I gathered from their conversation today was the birthday of the lady in the middle. I think the two on either side were daughters and seated directly across facing them were two granddaughters. I showed them the sketch before we got off the train and they were laughing that I sketched the one on the left eating her bagel. lol

Tomorrow I will post the other sketches from the day.


  1. Nice! That's the beauty of Urban Sketching, documenting what we see, eating bagel or not. :-)

  2. Mel, you are right...I keep to the manifesto. lol The funny thing was they each were eating but at different times and I wasn't going to change the sketch.

  3. Very nice Joan and a super story to go with it!

  4. Love the story telling sketch. You are great….