Sunday, October 7, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Day 7

There weren't any events for Pumpkinfest today that I wanted to go to and it was drizzling this morning. I waited for the weather to improve and then drove down to Pemaquid Point to sketch. That is one of my favorite places up here and almost always visit it. I sat along the road that runs along the water to do my Inktober - Day 7 sketch of the rocky coast.

Yesterday I did a few sketches while I was in town. Here is one of another decorated pumpkin.

I met my husband for lunch and then stayed in town for the Pumpkinfest Parade on Main Street. I found a spot to put my stool where I was leaning against a telephone pole. I figure that way I wouldn't be knocked over by people in the crowd. I sketched the people starting to gather and sit on the opposite side of the street from me.

Here are photos of a few more of the decorated pumpkins. This one had a "Starry Night" look to it.

These two were a little creepy but fun.


  1. Those pumpkin artists sure know how to have fun with them! It's so tranquil looking that rocky coast you sketched there.

  2. Thanks, Mel. These pumpkins were so creatively done. Every year I tell my sister we should sign up to do one....then I come to my senses. lol

  3. I so enjoy your ink sketches Joan - they are so calming. I am just amazed at the decorated pumpkins - they are awesome!