Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Young Girl

We had a young, 13 year old girl pose for us the other night. She was the granddaughter of one of the members. I did a long study of her. I don't think I quite got her to look 13, but at least she doesn't look like an adult.

And then a quick one in ink.

Over at my "fake" blog, Tracy's adventures at the farm continue...


  1. Your model turned out well. I always have problems as well getting younger people to look younger. Of course many kids these days look much older than their actual years. Well done. Got to catch up on your alternative life!!

    1. Nelvia, I have a hard time keeping them looking young. Someone told us that you need to look at the ears. They are smaller in younger people and increase in length as you get older.

  2. You did capture the sweetness of the moment! Sigh…..

  3. Super work Joan. I think youth are harder to do than children but you did a good job especially with the pen & ink one.This post brings back memories for me. I remember posing for my grandfather's sketch club when I was just a bit older than this girl - a long, long time ago. Have a great day!