Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Japanese Pond

Here is the third painting I did at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens last week. After the previous painting I had some time left to sketch. I did this in ink first so that I would at least have the sketch if I didn't get to paint the whole thing. Of course there were kids around the pond walkway, but I was sketching by a raised area of grass and was right up to the fence. Unfortunately two geese decided they wanted to visit that spot and they attracted a lot of kids. I was afraid to put anything down on the ground because the geese have been known to pick up brushes or paper towels and walk away with them. lol I didn't quite finish the piece there because a guard came over and told me they were closing the pond area for the day. It closes at 5:30 and we had been there since 9:30. I took a quick photo so I could finish it at home. 

This weekend is the big Cherry Blossom Festival, the Sakura Matsuri which celebrates the traditional and contemporary Japanese culture amid the blossoming trees. If we thought it was crowded last week, I can't imagine what it is like this weekend. They always get incredible crowds. As much as it would be wonderful to experience the music and dancing, I'm glad we are missing it.

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  1. Another fabulous piece Joan. What a wonderful talent you have!