Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sideshow Sketch Night - Little Darlings

I've posted sketches from the Sideshow Sketch Night before. The models are people mostly from burlesque or from the sideshows at Coney Island. The models last week are a recently married couple. He is a little person with some physical deformities that necessitate a wheel chair. Apparently he sings and plays music too. They were the sweetest people. Compared to Sharpie Velour, the woman, Velvet Crayon is doll sized. During the evening there are contests and I won one for my 5th sketch down. We were supposed to sketch them for a Hallmark Valentine tender moment. I didn't do anything but sketch them the way they were posed, but my sketch won.

After today's post, Tracy at the Ranch has one more day of sketches.


  1. Congratulations Joan! They are charming sketches and the fifth is great. I like the second one too. Always so many interesting things to see and hear about with all your groups. thanks for sharing.

    1. Val, luckily we have lots to see and do. Thanks!

  2. Did you do these with markers. Love the bright colors and all the details. You've trained your eye so well. Glad you got the recognition.

  3. These are great. Interesting people to sketch. Congrats on winning a prize!