Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Things That Shine

While my Wednesday evening sketch group has been indoors for the winter/early spring we have been having a theme for our gathering. Last week it was "things that shine." We had an assortment of objects to choose from.

I also sketched, Dominic, one of the new people to join our group this winter.

Tracy is having another adventure. Check it out here:


  1. Things that shine have to be some of the hardest things to paint in watercolour - good job! great portrait too - I like the glasses!

    1. Thanks, Val. They are so hard to do, especially if they are reflecting other objects.

  2. I always get such a kick out of what you choose to paint. Like the martini shaker!!! Anyway these worked out very well and you sure do see the shine. These portraits just keep getting better and better.