Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Last week my friend and I drove down to Philadelphia to see the exhibit "American Watercolors in the Time of Homer and Sargent." To say it was outstanding is putting it mildly. We left here at 6 am, stopped to have breakfast along the turnpike in NJ, and were outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art sketching at 9:30. As soon as the museum opened the sketching stopped.

Here's the link to the latest pages of Tracy's adventures:


  1. I can only imagine how wonderful! Beautiful sketch,great depth!

    1. Thanks, Celia. Wish we had more time there to explore.

  2. Super little sketch Joan and the museum visit sounds wonderful. I got a small little sketch pad to keep in my purse so when we are travelling I can do some drawing - hopefully. I am off to see what Tracy has been up to for the last few days. Have a great day.