Friday, January 6, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 6 - Budweiser

I needed a change of pace after doing several dogs and cats in a row for the 30 in 30 Challenge. My friend, Laurie Schlageter sent me a photo of her pet, Budweiser. I asked her if that's his name because he likes to drink Budweiser, and she said no, he's just a wiseguy. So I still don't know how he got his name.

Anyway, I am presently in Maine visiting family. After the drive up here and catching up a bit with everyone, I didn't have much time for painting, and I wanted something to be ready to post on the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" blog tomorrow. Most of the dogs and cats have been taking a long time to do, so I thought doing a bird might be faster. It was, but I'm not too happy with the texture of his feathers. I'll have to think about how to do them better before I try the next bird for the challenge.

On the trip up I did some sketching in a tiny book that I made with my sketch group the other night. It has just copy paper in it, so I couldn't do much with it. I showed it with my hand holding it so you can see the size. These were all done on the Cross Sound Ferry going from Orient Point on the eastern end of Long Island to New London, Connecticut. The ride is about an hour and a half so there is plenty of time to do some sketching.

Remember you can see the other paintings for the challenge here:


  1. Great sketches and the painting of the bird is divine! Bud(weiser) is adorable.

  2. Joan I just love the sketches and I love the bird. Yes it is a change cause he is bold and bright - just like his personality with that handle for a name. Have fun with the family. We are hunkering down with our snow event, they said 2-6" with sleet and ice and not melting until Monday. I know, I know, we aren't tough down here!!

  3. Thanks so much Carol!!!

    Nelvia, It was fun to have a creature with color...wait until tomorrow. lol Stay save in the snow and ice. We had a dusting up here at my sister's in Maine and apparently it snowed back home.

  4. Such a small sketch book - wow! The bird has a great expression so his feathers are not as important - lol

  5. Thanks, Val. I made the little book at a bookmaking class at the library. It has just copy paper inside which isn't great for much more than ink, but I was able to use a water soluble pen on it.

  6. The tiny sketchbook looks fun! I like that size for doing single portraits of people and single objects, not really trying to do entire scenes. Have a great time in Maine!