Monday, January 2, 2017

30 in 30 Challenge - Day 2 - Max I (SOLD)

Today I painted a King Charles spaniel that belongs to a friend's friend. Tema's dog, Max is so cute! I used one of Rhea's photos that she took when visiting them in California. In addition to regular watercolors I used watercolor pencils and touches of white ink for his whiskers. Because I am working small (5x7) using masking or painting around the whiskers just wouldn't work.

I still have a few sketches from 2016 that weren't posted yet. This was done at Starbucks week when I met with sketching friends recently.


  1. Excellent challenge painting. Love the coffee folks. :-)

  2. Max sure is cute! What a change for you to do animals - 30 paintings should be good for the learning - have fun Joan!

  3. Thanks, Jo!

    Val, it is a big change for me. Thanks!

  4. Hi Joan, I like Max too, he has such an excellent expression. These dogs have such unique marking and coloring. I too have been enjoying your sketches, you are inspiring me to get back to doing drawings as I have gotten off track there. Two days down, is it too early to start counting yet?