Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Venice Assortment

Today started out mostly overcast and went dowm from there. I had started another sketch of the rooftops from our apartment yesterday using the Elegant Writer to get some shading. This morning I added color.

I went exploring beyond Santa Maria Formosa but kept ending up in the same area as I started in. Nothing seemed to be calling to me...maybe because there were no great shadows. I didn't give up. I ended ip sitting on a bridge to do this. I was sort of in the way for people delivering things but I tucked myself into as small a space as possible.

I went back to the apartment for lunch and just around the time I was ready to leave I heard thunder. I grabbed my rain jacket and umbrella just in case. It started raining. I swore on the days that weren't nice I would actually go see one of the sites. I was right near Galleries Dell' Accademia so I went in. First I sat in the lobby and sketched the crowd of people who also came in out of the rain. That was my favorite part of the museum.

Then I headed upstairs. Painting from the 1400s to the 1500s are just not my thing...too religious for the most part. Here's my proof that I was there. Lol

It looked like it was clearing up a bit so I went to one of the squares. There was a woman playing the cello and she was quite good. I had seen her traveling on the vaporetto the other day with all her equipment. She loved that I sketched her. I sat and listened to her for quite a while.

It was a nice day after all.


  1. I coughed and choked when I read that the 'paintings were not your thing" and you showed us the most beautiful faces in that painting. But I understand...it is not contemporary and takes getting used to. Those artists back then never had an idea you would be drawing on an electronic pad screen!
    I do like your line of people. Great sketch. The rooftop one is my fav though...love it!

  2. Lol I'm glad you liked my comment, Julie. I appreciate how beautiful the figures are but I can only take so much before I'm desperate for a landscape or a still life. Being on the third floor gives me the opportunity to see the great roofs from a different perspective.