Monday, September 26, 2016

Hells Gate Bridge

While we were in Astoria Park we had an excellent view of Hells Gate Bridge, which is used mostly for Amtrak train travel car traffic at all. Notice the red sections of the bridge. It had been repainted in the early 1990's for the first time in 80 years. The color selected was known as "Hell Gate Red." Unfortunately before the repainting was completed the paint began to fade an change color. It has been this way ever since.
I did two sketches of this bridge, one while I was in the shade and very cold.

And another with several of the other sketchers while we were sitting on the lawn in the sunshine (much more comfortable and pleasant).

I also did sketches of two of the sketchers at work. They are sisters and were visiting from other countries.

Patricia lives in Malaga, Spain and sketches with the the Malaga Urban Sketchers.

Maria lives in Paris and sketches with the Urban Sketchers there. It is really nice to have visitors from other places. This week we also had someone from Canada and Australia.


  1. Excellent sketches as always Joan! I guess I'm not a true New Yorker because I never heard of Hells Gate Bridge!!!! Lol...,it's nice to hear the story.behind the painting as well!

  2. Hilda, thanks. I only found out about Hells Gate Bridge when we wee there the last time. It isn't a bridge most of us have experience with.

  3. These are all super Joan although I like the first one best. How nice that you get visitors from other countries joining your club for outings.

  4. Val, we have really had people visit from all over the world. That's the nice part about belonging to a group that is part of an international organization. Thanks.