Friday, September 16, 2016

Leaving Venice

It was finally our day to leave Venice. Our hotel had a great buffet breakfast which offered prosecco if you were so inclined...we were.

A bit of the last of my croissant.

Then we were off to Marco Polo Airport. Aside from one cloudy day with showers, we had great weather in Venice. The rain on Thursday held off until we were at the airport. We went through security and found our gate...and the duty free shop was in my line of sight. I had brought along loose 5 x7 and 8 x 10 watercolor paper for most of my sketches and paintings, but I had also made a sketchbook with signatures just for Venice before I left home using watercolor pages. I started it at Kennedy Airport and saved the last page for a travel sketch returning home. Here is the sketch I did.

Our plane was delayed and we boarded about 30 minutes late, and then we sat on the plane at the gate for a while. I was writing in my journal which was right in front of me so I also used that time for a sketch in that book. I did it in pencil but it didn't show up well so I went over it with ballpoint pen.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my trip to Venice.


  1. Hope your flight back was comfy, sometimes long flights can be tiresome. You certainly are an artist, sketching and painting your travels, love seeing them.

  2. Thanks so much, Ann. It was a long flight home!