Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Out And About in Venice

I'm still trying to find new places to sketch, but since I've been here four times it is getting harder. We had cool temps and cloudy skies this morning, so armed with my sweater and umbrella I headed out. I did find this spot. 

I headed back to the apartment for lunch and was surprised to find Jerry there. He had gone to work with the musicians this morning. He turned his ankle yesterday and since it was swollen he wanted to keep off it and came back early. So I had company for lunch.

After lunch it looked nicer so I left the umbrella behind and went wandering. This is the view I found. I had bought some basic gouache paints before I came here and that is what I used for this painting. I'll have to experiment more with the gouache.

By this time I needed a break from all my walking so I stopped at for a drink at a table in San Barbera Square. I sketched some of the people in front of me. We were just opposite the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.

Today was the first day since I've been here that I saw other artists painting. (Except for this obnoxious, egotistical man I ran into at least three times who thinks he us a "master painter" and that he is the best.) Anyway there were four different artist working in sketchbooks. I didn't speak to any of them, but I wonder if they were part of a group.


  1. These are so fun to look at. How is Jerry's ankle? Poor baby.

  2. I really like the pastal-colored palette in these paintings and many others in your Venice series! It would be cool if you discovered a USk Venice group! Why not ask them if you see them again?


  3. Thanks Rosretta. He is doing Ok.

    Tina, I checked to see if there was an USk group, but there isn' on listed. I didn't see the group today.

  4. I am enjoying seeing Venice through your sketches thanks for sharing