Sunday, September 4, 2016

Street View & Regata Storica

Today in Venice the were having a special Regata called the Regata Storica. Apparently it
Is a culminating celebration of the annual rowing races and has been held since the 13th century. I knew it was being held along the Grand Canal, but since that is the major waterway here in Venice I wasn' sure how I would be able to get around since I assumed the vaporetto would eventually stop running. It was supposed to start around 4 but I wasn't sure if the bridges would be affected. So I stayed local to paint this morning. I saw this view along one of the streets and there was shade so...perfect. 

After lunch I headed out to find a shady spot to sit and watch the regatta with the rest of the Venetians and the tourists. I had one advantage over most of them...I had my stool to sit on. As long as I can find a wall to lean against it isn't too uncomfortable. I went down by La Salute, the church I sketched a few days ago, figuring there would be some shade but there were a lot of people...models! There were a lot of boats with their crews waiting for the parade of boats to start so I did some sketching of the boats and the people watching.

Here is a photo of one of the boats in the parade. I only saw one race...the whole thing was too slow for me, so I came home for happy hour.


  1. The boat race was not like the running of the bulls but does sound like fun.

  2. SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YOU DO MANAGE TO DO SO MANY!!!

  3. Rosetta, it was much calmer. Lol

    Lin, I try to do at least one or two if possible. Thanks.