Thursday, September 1, 2016

By the Gondola

Almost every canal has gondola rides on them, but I think the rides starting on the Grand Canal are the most popular. On our first trip to Venice we took a gondola ride. We wanted to do the smaller canals rather than the Grand Canal that has so many other boats in addition to the gondolas. Even those rides go along some of the smaller canals too.

I did some ink sketches of people that were in the square where I was sketching this morning and then on the vaporetto.

Here's a photo of a fruit and veggie stand I passed this morning. They had a sign saying, "Do not touch the fruit...don't even think about it." That's something I still haven't gotten used to. You let the vendor select your items. You can pick your own at the supermarket, but it is highly frowned on at the stalls.


  1. Dear Joan you are capturing Venice just as I would picture it. How exciting to be riding in a gondola. Your ink sketches of different folks is super too. Strange you cannot touch the food you are buying. What a different custom!! Travel safe friend and enjoy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Dibbie. I appreciate you following along.