Saturday, May 7, 2016

Train Sketches

I took the Long Island Railroad into the city on Wednesday. This group of people was sitting across the aisle from me. It turns out that the two people on the left were part of a family visiting from Australia. The man on the right who was a friend, and the lady behind them was a stranger. They became aware that I was sketching them when the lady next to me sat down and started commenting on it. I showed it to them and they all took photos of it. 

These men were across from where I was sitting on the trip home. The man on the left spoke in sign language so his hands kept moving. lol


  1. You always get great people sketches on your commutes!


  2. I was wondering the other day how people reacted to your sketching them - now I know. Lots of fun. Have a great day Joan!

  3. Great sketches Joan. I admire your courage. I only ever chose sleeping people when I'm on a train. :-)