Saturday, May 14, 2016

Patchogue Train Sketches & a Graduation

I am presently up in Massachusetts at Smith College at my niece, Caity's graduation. I have my computer so I can still do a post.

Some days you get a good view on the train and some days are just so-so. When I went into the city on Tuesday I took the Long Island Railroad from Patchogue not Ronkonkoma like I usually do. What's the difference sketch wise? On the Ronkonkoma train half the seats face forward and half face back. If you sit near the center you can get a good view of someone facing you. The Patchogue train is a multi-level train and almost all the seats face the same way. There are very few people facing you. I did manage to sketch the lady across the aisle from me.

Here are the proud parents with Caity the day before graduation. Caity will go on to graduate school here at Smith College for social work.

Joe, Caity, Joan

Here she is with 2 out of her other four siblings.

Patrick, Caity, and Jaime
 And with her proud Aunt Joan (me).


  1. It's frustrating when all the seats face the same way, isn't it? Congrats to your lovely niece!


  2. Congratulations on Cathys graduation. I thought of you yesterday while traveling to the City... Nice sketches!

  3. Good luck to your niece. Love your LIRR sketches.

  4. Good luck to your niece. Love your LIRR sketches.

  5. I like the one of the lady across the aisel - that is what most people do on trains - not paint - lol. Have a nice weekend with your family, Joan.

  6. Thanks, Hilda!

    Thanks so much, Carol.

    Val, thanks. That's why it is usually so easy to sketch people without them noticing. lol