Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beach Sketches Part I

We've had some beautiful weather (and also some rain) lately so I've spent some time at the beach. I like that there are lots of models. Some are cooperative like this lady on her sand chair. She stayed put for a long time. Her little boy was playing in the sand in front of her and luckily wasn't one of those kids who couldn't amuse themselves and needed mom every two minutes.

This next sketch shows how sometimes people are not so cooperative. The guy in the foreground looked like he was down for a good nap, so I took my time working my way up from his feet to his...shoulder. But he got up and changed positions before I could finish. I was hoping that he would recline again so I could finish this, but he left shortly after. Instead I just continued with other people who were nearby.


  1. That has happened to me so many times! Start someone's head and torso, then they leave! I like seeing the different clothing on people on this one day!


  2. Oh the joys of sketching people.

  3. Thanks Tina. At least I got the details of most of his body. lol

    Thank you Cheryl. You never know what you'll have when you draw people. lol

  4. That is funny but too bad the guy left early. I guess it is not often people stay still long enough for a comprehensive drawing. Good job al together, Joan.