Tuesday, May 10, 2016


A second digital sketch of a floral arrangement we received.


  1. This one and the previous one are very good! I've not gotten the hang of using my tablet to sketch.

  2. This is fresh and lively.
    Do you prefer the feel of the screen to sketch on or the paper?
    Are the colors on this post, true to what you see on the screen as you are sketching? Do you print it out or just leave it in a photos? Lots of questions but I am curious.

  3. Thanks Kate! It takes a lot of practice because it is such a different way to sketch.

    Julie, thank you. I much prefer sketching on paper. Yes, the colors are pretty close to what I'm using on my iPad. I haven't printed out any of the digital sketches. I just keep them in the "gallery" in the program and post them here and Facebook. Questions are good. I have a friend who used this program for a long time and I always asked her questions.