Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outside the Bloomin' House

The other day I really wanted to paint something and buy flowers for my patio. I headed to one of the local nurseries, called the Bloomin' House in Holtville. Of course I got there and it started to drizzle. I couldn't get a parking spot facing the flower displays so I sketched the view looking out of the parking lot while I sat in the car. 


  1. You're like me -- can't leave without a sketch, even when it starts raining! ;-) I hope you still got some flowers to take home!


  2. Ah Joan that is why you inspire me always seize the moment and create something terrific. Hope it stopped raining and you bought some flowers. Hugs!

  3. Tina, we are alike in that way. lol I ended up waiting to buy the flowers and herbs until a dry day.

    Debbie, I hate to waste a sketch day. lol I bought the flowers the next day instead. It was raining too hard.