Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sketching in Grand Central Terminal

While my friend, Wendy Barrett was still in NYC I made plans to head into the city to sketch with her again on Saturday. I had wanted to take her up to Central Park so my plan was to organizing an event for the NYC Urban Sketchers. Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate. The forecast for Saturday was for rain, so we changed locations to an indoor one...Grand Central Terminal. Wendy hadn't been there yet so it was a good choice...and dry.

The group met at the clock in the main hall. Then we headed to our respective desired locations around the huge room. Wendy and I went up one of the staircases opposite the Apple Store. There are good views no matter where you are. 

I was drawn to the tourist information window. There was a constant stream of people stopping there.

Then I found a spot downstairs where I could sketch the clock and some travelers. I tucked myself against the wall and sketched away.

Here is a photo of me and Wendy that some kind traveler took for us.

Wendy really liked the windows...they are impressive!

We regrouped with the other sketchers downstairs for lunch to share sketches and chat. We had several new people join us, and a few people apparently were sketching in the building but we didn't see them. It is always fun to see everyone's sketches of the day and anything else in their sketchbooks that they want to share.

After lunch I wanted to sketch a train on one of the tracks. I searched the departure board for a train that would be sitting there for a while, so it wouldn't leave as soon as I started. But of course it departed before I was completely done. LOL The good thing was that another train pulled in soon after which looked similar. At one point when the train on the left side of the track pulled in I was all of a sudden confronted with a swarm of people exiting the train and heading straight at me sitting on my stool. I wasn't sure if I would survive without being knocked over. Luckily they veered around me!

I think Wendy enjoyed the Grand Central experience. We made plans to do another sketching location during the week. 


  1. Awesome sketches Joan! I don't think I was ever in Grand Central station! Need to check on that one! Wonderful details!

  2. What a great day of sketching! You're pretty brave putting yourself in the middle of all those crowds! :-)


  3. I certainly did enjoy the experience Joan. Thanks so much for organising it and having me along. It's such an amazing and iconic place - a great place to sketch.

  4. I don't know how long you spend on each sketch but they are wonderful. I figure I might be able to get one done in the time you do 3 and any people would look like cartoons - Well done Joan!

  5. Hilda, thanks. You should get there. It is a lovely place.

    Tina, like you...anything for art. lol

    Wendy, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Sheila, thank you.

    Val, each sketch takes me nearly an hour. Thanks.