Sunday, May 8, 2016

At the Food Court

On Wednesday we had another dreary, damp day. I used my time to do some shopping and then stopped at the food court at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove to sketch some people. This guy looked like he would stay put for a least until his samples ran out. lol

Here are a few more sketches for Every Day in May.

This is a sketch of an alarm clock that was among my FIL's possessions. He would set it when he took a nap in the afternoon and it would ring to remind him to go down to the dining room for dinner.

These boots belong to my husband. I think he has had them for about 30 years, although I probably haven't seen them on his feet in 25 years. They are very worn, but I spiffed them up a lot. He won't let me get rid of them because they are his "lucky boots" from when he lived in Texas.


  1. I'm enjoying keeping up with your EDMs! The sketch of the clock is an especially nice memento of your father-in-law.

    - Tina

  2. Great sketches, Joan. I,too, thought the alarm clock and story of your FIL was particularly touching.

  3. Dear Joan what a great selection of different items you sketched. Your top sketch made me smile. He looks like he was very serious about those samples. Your hubby' s boots had me chuckling I think mine has some old ones similar that he will not part with either. Hope you ate having a super day. Hugs!

  4. Do you take your sketch book everywhere? such fun sketches and the boots story is great - I wonder if all men have such a pair that they don't want to throw out, I know mine did - lol