Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Upstate Barn 1

Last week my sister, Mickey and I had paintings to pick up from an exhibition in Middletown. We always go out and sketch some barns afterwards. This barn is a favorite of ours and we sat in the car to sketch it. Usually there are cows either in the field or with their butts to us as they feed from the trough. This time there were no cows!!! I hope they were grazing somewhere else and haven't been sold. So many of these farms and barns have been disappearing up there.

Here is the link to the day 5 page in "Alicia's Aquarium Journal" that I have been doing.


  1. Nice that you can still find barns like this -- with or without cows (though with is definitely better)!


  2. I enlarged it because I always enjoy the little extra details you put in. I especially love the sign with the two cows!

  3. Barns and farm yards are so interesting - always something new to see.I like abandoned places with buildings that are falling down - lots of those around this area. Charming piece Joan.