Monday, April 4, 2016

Bay Shore House

I sketched this down by the water in Bay Shore. It was too cold to sit out so I used my "mobile studio."

Alicia's Aquarium Journal continues today with the 4th page.


  1. Love it, I have to give that a try. Sketching and painting houses from the car.

  2. Nice work Joan!
    Yoiks! It's sounding pretty cold over there still! Wasn't planning on bringing lots of heavy clothing :)

  3. Joan, thanks! Hopefully it will be warm again soon.

    Wendy, thank you. This is abnormal weather for us for this time of year. Just make sure you have something to layer over what you are wearing if the temp is cool. By May you shouldn't need anything warm.

  4. Super sketch Joan in spite of the weather. Hope your shoulder is better. Have a lovely day.