Friday, April 29, 2016

Pink Blossoms

My thanks to everyone for the condolences and support. It helps a lot.

Last week I just had to go out and do an actual 8 x 10 painting of the trees in bloom when I found a little free time. I had the morning off from caring for my FIL so I headed over to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, and asked the workmen where there were dark pink trees in bloom. This was the perfect spot.

I am down to the last 2 days of sketches for my "fake" journal. Here is the link to today's entry.


  1. Beautiful watercolor! I imagine the arboretum is full of color by now! Wonderful work!

  2. Really lovely, Joan! So great to see spring finally arrive!

  3. Hilda, it looked so pretty there. Thanks.

    Tina, I always love it when the trees are in bloom. Thanks so much.

  4. A lovely little scene Joan; it is such a shame that the blossoms don't last longer.