Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lady Waiting

Last week I ended up at the local Urgent Care for pain in my shoulder that turned out to be severe bursitis. I was in such pain that I couldn't move my arm even a fraction of an inch. Since I couldn't make an appointment with a doctor I went to Urgent Care. Of course I was there with half the world which was what I expected. I brought along my iPad and as long as my hand and arm was resting against my body and my lap I was able to sketch. This lady was also waiting across the room from me. Luckily the prednisone they gave me worked in a few days and hopefully I'm back to normal and will stay that way.

Meanwhile over on my "fake" journal you can catch up on what is going on at the aquarium.


  1. You re the best Joan! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Oh NO...bursitis! How awful for you. Bet you raised some eyebrows when they saw you sketching away. Not one to feel sorry for yourself are you. I really admire that!
    Love the sketch!

  3. I'm so relieved to hear that your shoulder is better!


  4. Michael, good to see you. Thanks so much.

    Julie, lol nobody notices when I sketch. Thanks.

    Tina, thanks. It is feeling good.

  5. I can't believe that you were sketching while in Urgent Care for a painful shoulder. LOL!