Monday, April 18, 2016

Cherry Tree

I visited the Planting Fields Arboretum with a few artist friends last weekend and we were able to sit outside for a while to do the trees like this one that was in bloom. Between the blossoms and the texture of the trunk I was a happy sketcher.

Here is the link to my next page in the "fake" journal about the aquarium.


  1. This is gorgeous Joan! Do you think those cherry blossoms will still be flowering in two weeks time? I would so love to see them! Glad to hear you had such a nice day!

  2. This looks like a really old and wise and gnarly tree -- and even with blossoms! The best kind.


  3. This one is so lovely Joan. How delightful to have the Arboretum to visit and to paint. Trees are wonderful subjects.

  4. Wendy, the cherry blossoms may be gone but maybe the magnolias will still be in bloom. Thanks.

    Tina, I like old trees with character, just like you do. Thanks!

    Thanks, Laura. It is great to have them nearby to visit.

  5. lovely piece Joan. I was not expecting such a close-up as you seem to do more scenes. this was a nice surprise!