Sunday, April 3, 2016


My friend, Susan posed for our group the other night. This was the first time ever that I saw her sit still. lol She is one of the most energetic, vivactious women I know. 

Day 3 of "Alicia's Aquarium Journal" can be found here.

I'm lucky that I usually am ahead with my sketches. My arm has been bothering me for a few days and I was in such pain all night that I went to an urgent care facility this morning. I have bursitis in my shoulder. It hurts like hell, but I'm trying to keep going least from home. I can type and post with my other hand and have been able to do some sketching if I keep me arm in a set position on the table. The pain is horrible! Hope the cortisone kicks in soon.


  1. Oh my Joan - I have heard bursitis can be so painful. I will certainly be looking up for you. Hope your cortisone does kick in quickly. Even in all your pain you manage to keep sketching wonderful faces. Take care friend. Hugs!

  2. Your portrait of Susan is lovely, Joan. Sorry to hear about your problem - hope things get better quickly.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Joan. Wonderful sketch :)

  4. Oh, Joan, so sorry to hear about your painful arm! Take care with it and I hope it resolves soon!