Friday, May 22, 2015

Tulip Field

Somehow I missed posting this after I did it last week...maybe because I wanted to make some adjustments. I'm not sure but I'd better post it before it gets lost among my photos. This was done at the "Garden of Eve" out in Riverhead. They had a field of tulips that was a "u-pick" field and they were planning a tulip festival. Unfortunately due to our spring arriving so late and all the people who came out for Mother's Day the field was pretty well picked over. There was one section that they had roped off and people were not allowed to pick from. That is where we were painting...and I used a little artistic license to fill in the rest of the field. This is 8 x 10 and one of my friends from the group is in the middle of the field painting. 

EDM  - May 21 - where I sit to read

This is actually where I sit to do almost, sketch, watch TV, talk on the phone, etc. There is a coffee table in front of it for me to put my feet up and relax.

Tonight was the reception for the South Bay Art Association's Members Show.
Here are photos of me with my two paintings on exhibit.


  1. Gorgeous paintings, in the show and from the tulip field! I love the addition of your friend, it makes it more personal.
    Great work on the EDinM, sketch too!

  2. Wouldn't it be awesome to sit in a field of flowers and paint? Love the sketch, Joan, and your framed work is just wonderful!

  3. Love your hair! I also like the paintings but LOVE your hair...lucky gal!

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  5. Would love to see and wander thru tulip fields, lucky you. Nice shots of you and your beautiful works, good luck with the show

  6. Hi Joan, I have just been scrolling through all your May posts. Wow, so many stunning sketches, paintings and photos! You are so good at doing flowers and landscapes! I had no idea how beautiful the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are in spring (hadn't even known of its existence, truth be told), Cherry Blossom Esplanade is now on my list of places to visit!
    I love your tulip field - very magical! All your paintings and pictures make me pine to visit your neck of the woods! Great photos of you with your work Joan - you look very pretty! I agree with Julie - your hair is lovely!

  7. Thanks so much everyone!

    Julie and Wendy, thanks for the comments on my hair. lol