Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Smith Point

I really can't stay away from the beach for long. I get too antsy. Monday I took a ride down to Smith Point which is part of Fire Island. It was a warm, sunny day...perfect for sitting up by the memorial and painting this view. Then I went down on the beach and had to sit with a coat on because of the wind. I guess it is official that spring has arrived because I walked down and put my feet in the water...yes, it was very cold.

Here is my sketch for EDM - May 6 - something with bristles
(How could I not do a paintbrush?)


  1. Lovely seascape. I bet it was nice no matter what the weather.

  2. I can see why you can't stay away from the beach -- you capture it so well! Feet in the water -- I'm impressed! It's a little warmer here, but not that warm! :-0

  3. Joan, I think your sketchbooks must be an amazing collection. This two page spread is just beautiful and of course, I love the composition on the EDM bristle painting.

  4. Thanks, Carol. I do love it in all seasons.

    Tina, it wasn't that warm here for sure. lol Thanks.

    Hilda, thank you.

    Sherry, you are so sweet. Thank you.