Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Port Jefferson Farmer's Market

On Sunday I went to the Port Jefferson Farmer's Market. It was a perfect day to sketch the vendors outside. Here is the lady from the Blue Duck Bakery Cafe in Riverhead. Her breads smelled so good!

I also sketched Miss Amy's Preserves from Blue Point. She had a very tasty selection.

EDM - May 12 - stairs
This was sketched from a photo I took in Kenmare, Ireland.


  1. A few days away from your blog and I miss sooo much Joan! I always scroll down to see past posts even if I don't comment, I love ALL your sketches!!
    Beautiful details in these market sketches and you capture beautifully the shoppers! I know how hard that is!

  2. Wonderful market sketches. Dare I say, "these places are ripe with possibilities." Enjoy your day!

  3. Excellent sketches, Joan. You capture so many fine details.!!

  4. Thanks, Celia. I try to get something up here every day.

    Carol, thanks. I love outdoor markets of all kinds.

    Hilda, thank you!

  5. Joan - these sketches are great. You make the most of ever opportunity and it shows in all your wonderful work. Hope you have a super day. As always you inspire me. Hugs!

  6. Short sleeves at a farmer's market. . . looks almost like summer!

  7. Thank you so much, Debbie!!!

    It felt almost like summer, Tina. Thanks.