Monday, May 4, 2015

Short Beach Revisited

I went back to Short Beach in Smithtown last week. Instead of focusing on the marsh grasses I did part of the beach itself. This is 8 x 10.

EDM May 4 - bottles of herbs or spices


  1. Both are quite marvelous and both so different. I love the sketchy feel of the spices and the way you have painted the long view so perfectly in Short Beach. A pleasure.

  2. Short Beach looks like such a beautiful place to paint. You did a wonderful job on your previous short beach sketch as well!!

  3. What a beautiful landscape you have here! Those distant trees...oh my! The colors and softness are exquisite! Love your spice bottles too!

  4. Many thanks, Julie.

    Hilda, it is a lovely spot...but only open to residents once the season starts.

    Sherry, thanks so much.

  5. The landscape is gorgeous, Joan! I love the feeling of distance and great textures on the shoreline.
    Great collection of spices, some of my favorites!

  6. Lovely landscape. A real country scene.