Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saturday morning found me sketching with yet another group here on Long Island. My friend, Jen, invited me to sketch with the Tri Hamlet Sketch Club which meets east of me every Saturday. The NYC Urban Sketchers didn't have an outing scheduled in the city so I stayed here on Long Island.

This was done at Netties Farm and Bakery in Center Moriches. There is a small farm stand on the property called the Mustard Seed Farm. I don't know why it isn't called Netties, but it was cute.

EDM - May 26 - a sign
This was sketched from a photo I took in Kinsale, Ireland.


  1. I love seeing the story telling in your works Joan

  2. Joan, you just know how to live, I tell you! More lovely and colorful sketches for sure. Really love the Ireland sign!

  3. Ah a sign, I'm always fascinated with how and why signs are created the way they are. I wonder what butterflies have to do with the words Stone Mad. It's either a very interesting story or it just randomly happened that way. I just might have to go online and see if I can find out. :)

  4. Thanks, Lorraine! Good to see you back.

    Sherry, thanks so much.

    Carol, I don't know the story. I was attracted to the bright colors of the building and the sign. They had lots of interesting things inside.

  5. You're amazing Joan! You're so dedicated to your sketching.... I love these two sketches especially the sign! Beautiful work!!

  6. Hilda, I feel like something is missing if I don't sketch something. lol Thanks.